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1 medium Chinese cabbage

2 % salt as per weight of cabbage

1 % caster sugar

5 garlic cloves grated fine

10 g ginger sliced

150 g Gochujang

60 ml fish sauce

15 g dried shrimp or anchovies

100 g water



Cut the cabbage in half length ways then cut into roughly 3 cm squares.

Weigh the cabbage and work out salt and sugar ratios, rub this into your chopped cabbage.

Leave this covered with a cloth in your bowl whilst you prepare the rest of the ingredients.

Blend together garlic, ginger, Gochujang, fish sauce, water and shrimp or anchovies to make a paste.

Drain your cabbage and combine with this paste.

Pack your kimchi into mason jars ensuring that its well covered with the juice. Place some cling film on top to push any cabbage down. Leave this to ferment at room temperature for 1-2 weeks, tasting regularly until it's to your liking. Once it's ready refrigerate, this will slow down the fermentation keeping it to your preferred sourness.



Experiment with adding different vegetables to your kimchi, its a great way to preserve left over veg, there are no rules. Carrot, spring onion, swede, celeriac.......

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