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Sourdough buns



The Dough

125g Mother

110g Water room temperature

354g Strong white bread flour

110g Milk room temperature

37g Caster sugar

1no Large egg

35g Butter unsalted room temperature

8g Salt

Egg was (1 beaten egg with 1 Tbsp of milk)

Sesame seeds


WILD YEAST AND CREATING THE MOTHER To begin our journey in sourdough baking, we must create life using wild yeasts and a combination of lactic and acetic acids. They will form a fermenting agent which we will use to 'leaven' our bread or give rise.

To start your culture, mix together equal amounts of room temperature water and bread flour, say 50g of each. Always mix your starter/Mother by hand as the wild yeasts we will utilize are mostly present on the baker's hands and in the grain, a little comes from the air. Leave this mixture at room temperature and covered with a damp cloth so it will ferment and can breathe.

The next day there will be little to no difference, discard 80% of the mixture and top up with your flour and water ratio as before. Repeat this process for 3-4 days, you'll notice each day more activity. To test your Mother's strength and see if you're ready to bake, place a small amount into some room temperature water: if it floats it's good to go (if not, feed again and try again on the following day).

The night before you wish to bake feed your Mother, my bread recipe calls for 250g of Mother so I throw away 80% and add 160g water and 160g strong bread flour. Once you're baking daily you won't throw the starter away but will use it to make your dough.



In a bowl mix together flour, salt and sugar. In a separate bowl mix together milk,water and mother. Combine the liquids into the dry flour mixture and mix by hand until combined and smooth.

Continue beating add the egg and butter, until the dough is smooth and glossy approx 5 mins.

Leave to rest for 30 mins at room temperature.

Start a series of folds lifting up each side of the dough and folding back on it's self, once all 4 turns have been completed cover with a damp towel and rest for 30 mins.

Repeat the above folding process 3 more times each with 30 mins rest in between.

Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured work bench and divide into 8 balls of about 95g allow a rest of 15 mins.

Shape your dough into balls keeping as much air trapped as possible, place onto a baking sheet lined with grease proof allowing plenty of room for them to prove. Gently cover this with lightly oiled clingfilm. Allow to prove at room temperature for 1-2 hours until doubled in size.

Preheat your oven to 220c.

Remove clingfilm and gently brush with egg wash then sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Bake for 12 mins then tap the base once cooked - if it sounds hollow it's done.



These buns are great for anything from burgers to crab mayo (as pictured above)

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